Mens Fashion Basics – Part1 – Getting A Good Fit

getting the right fit clothing

With big men’s fashion changing rapidly over the past few years it is becoming as important, relevant and fashionable as plus size women clothing has been over the past 20 years. You are forgiven if like many others you are feeling left behind or simply don’t know where to start.

Most of us stick to what we know or buy something that is on trend and hope for the best. However the results we hope for don’t always pan out. The main reason for this is our fashion bad habits that we have nurtured for years. Those little idiosyncrasies that make us unique also hinder our perceptions and continue to allow us to make bad purchasing decisions every time.

This is where I come in, if you are totally new to fashion or on style guru, I will endeavor to breakdown where to start when it comes to the world of big men’s fashion and how to build a diverse wardrobe for any occasion.

It’s all about the fit

A great place to start is the fit of the items you are going to wear. This is something that either comes naturally or takes a little more practice to get right. No matter whether it’s a shirt, t shirt or even your jeans, the way they fit on you is the difference between looking like you shrunk in the wash or looking like you know what you are doing.

You know what I’m talking about and I don’t just mean big guys tall thin guys suffer too. The last thing you need is someone thinking you borrowed your clothes from your dad or your t shirt that looks like it shrunk in the wash.

The hardest thing is knowing when this is the case. In extreme cases I would hope you know when you are wearing a tent or showing to much underbelly. Nevertheless here are a few quick suggestions on what to look for in some of your clothes.

  • Shirts – look for stretch marks around the buttons or tightness around the shoulders. A good test is to lean slightly forward and bring your shoulders in, if it feels too tight then it probably is. On the flip side check for fabric excess around your sides and waist there should be enough for movement but not enough to look like a tent.


  • Jeans (Waist Size) – You are not alone if you can’t get a good fitting pair of jeans. Jeans have to be one of the hardest items to find the perfect fit. It is all about body type and your personal choice. A great starting point is to get the right waist size. Jeans should fit comfortably around your waist with just a little give and your belt should only need a few notches to tighten. You can oversize jeans in order to get a more loose fit, but only go one size extra as anything more will mean the belt has to be over tightened to keep the jeans up. You can cause an effect where the belt is so tight it clumps together the spare fabric and makes the jeans look untidy and distorted.


  • Jeans (Leg Length) – Most leg designs come in three leg lengths, short regular and long. Depending on your height you should choose a length that fits nicely over your shoes or trainers. As a rule stand straight with no shoes on and allow the jean to fall mid-way through the ankle. This will means when the shoes is on the length will finish leaving a slight gap to the floor. There are two possible short comings in getting this wrong. The Micheal Jackson socks on show look which is only good if you are about to do the moon walk or too long and you have baggy excess fabric on the feet which just makes the trousers look untidy.


  • T-shirts – My pet hate is tums on show. ALWAYS make sure you have a top that covers at a minimum your belt. The best way to identify this is to raise your arms above your head and if you can see over an inch of tummy then the length is too short. Also similar to shirt fittings you do not want tight fabric around the shoulders as it will be uncomfortable to wear. On the flip side if there is too much fabric and the shoulder joints are more than half an inch over each arm then you should consider reducing a size.


These are some really basic tips aimed at beginners but grasping these few rules will aid your choice so much better and you can get the right fit in the first instance. Below are some good and bad examples of how clothing should fit, for your homework see if you can spot the good and bad points. We would love to hear your comments on the pictures and if there is anything else you would like to add get in touch.

Good fit examples

images relating to men with good fitting clothes



Bad fit examples

three examples of bad fitting clothes



What I’m Wearing Today – Relaxed fit blue stonewashed jeans by Carabou with a plain red polo shirt, black trainers and a brown jeans belt.

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