Big Mens Fashion Basics – part 2 – Mens t shirts

We all have t shirts in our wardrobes and we don’t really need a whole load of fashion tips when donning a t shirt and looking good. All you really need to do is keep them clean and crisp and make sure they fit well, or on the other hand do we underestimate the potential of our wardrobe classic?

With so many colours and styles available and the possibilities of layering t shirts to give a better look, this wardrobe essential really has more to look at. The reason I think t shirts are so great is because they offer comfort and easy of wearing whilst offering a really classic look to your outfit. This means you can look good and feel totally confident in what you are wearing, whilst not having to waste time in the mirror pondering your outfit.


Let’s look at men’s t shirt styles in more detail


  • Crew Neck – also known as a round neck t shirts, probably the most popular style as they look good with prints and are great for layering under other garments such as shirts, cardigans, jumpers etc. The round neck also conceals what lies beneath with its close neckline so for those of us with chest hair or want to cover our chests up, this offers a good solution.
  • V-Neck – generally considered to be a more fashion forward option, the V shaped neck line can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any occasion. The ‘v’ shape itself creates a slimming illusion to your body. For a great trendy look stick to bold darker colours such as navy’s, black’s and plums.
  • Y-Neck – or otherwise known as a Henley collar, this shape is very fashion forward and can make a simple outfit stand out. Generally the deep Y shape neck line is finished with buttons down to the chest line. This type of t shirt is very versatile when it comes to layering, with the buttons fastened it makes a suitable crew neck and the buttons opened for a V neck line. What’s more adding a simple crewneck under the tee with the collar open offers a very trendy layered look.

More Fashion Best Practices




Why not try to add more to your outfit with these simple fool-proof ideas.


# Use the t shirt under a shirt – Very fashionable right now is layering a print t shirt under a brightly coloured check shirt. To get a truly chilled out casual style try contrasting the colours of a check shirt with similar colours in a t shirt, for example if your check shirt has navy blue checks then match as best you can the navy colours with a navy t shirt, or if you find the idea of contrasting colours a nightmare then use a simple plain white or black crew neck t shirt. The best way to accomplish this layered effect is to button the bottom half of the shirt and leave the top half open, or for ales casual look button the shirt to the second button from the top. Either way this is a tried a tested great look.

# Use the t shirt under a blazer – For a truly on fashion smart casual look try a simple V-neck plain t shirt under a blazer. By adding dark jeans or trousers you can gain a sophisticated fashion look so easily. Fit for any social occasion.

# Pop colour into your outfit – Do not be put off with layering colour. The easiest way to explode colour into your wardrobe is through the simplest of basic t shirts in bright colours.  In the autumn / winter try a mid-blue pair of jeans with a dark coloured V-neck jumper over a crew neck t shirt in red, purple or even greens. For the summer swap the jeans for chinos with a lighter grey or beige jumper with a crew neck in blues, pinks or lilacs.


Keeping men’s t shirts simple


If the idea of layering garment up does not hit the mark for you then remembering some simple ideas will help make a plain lifeless outfit seem far more fashion forward.

  • Black does look sliming but it can also look very drab and drain the colour out of your face, my advice as always is to never wear a plain black t shirt on its own and never wear black tops with black bottoms. By simply adding colour into the top half of your outfit, sometimes as little as changing black for navy will lift your appearance bring the colour back into your face and leave you feeling more confident about your appearance.
  • When choosing printed t shirts go for images and styles that compliment your ideas and hobbies that way the t shirt is part of you and not just another lifeless print. Furthermore the background colour of the print is also important. If there is coloured options other than black then try that first.
  • To complete the outfit pay attention to the bottom half and even your footwear as it’s the overall compilation that gives the outfit its look and you the confidence to wear the outfit.


It is my view that fashion starts with the basics and getting simple colours and necklines right will allow you to match up the rest of the outfit with the assurance you will look good and the confidence to feel great. Do not be afraid of layering garments and at least try to contrast colours, when you’re out and about pay attention to what looks good and more importantly take note of when people get it wrong. Once you have mastered the basics, your look no matter what age or size you are will be in keeping with the trend setters and celebrities in your peer group. Good luck.



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