Big Mens Fashion Basics – Part 3 – Mens Jeans


Big Mens Fashion Basics – Part 3


Big Mens Jeans


The world of jeans can be a confusing place with choices of comfort fit, regular fit, relaxed fit and straight leg. What’s’ more we then have more choices of styles, cuts, materials, sizing as well as colour.

Jeans are a personal wardrobe essential and we have put a guide together to help you decide on which jeans are right for you.




Comfort Fit Mens Jeans

Great to complete a casual look, comfort fit jeans are ideal if you are looking for a fit that is slack around the waist line and loose in the leg. This type of jean is generally made from softer lighter denim and is finished with a regular straight hem.

Regular Fit Mens Jeans

One of the most popular types of jeans for men. Regular fit applies to the standard jean template of loose fitting through the hips, thighs and knees with a steady taper at the ankles. Ideal for all activities from work wear to casual wear.

Relaxed Fit Mens Jeans

Probably the best for bigger waist sizes, relaxed fit jeans are a combination between comfort fit and regular fit. The Waist is slack with good crotch depth and the thighs and hips have good material width to allow for movement. The fit is finished with a regular leg slightly tapered at the ankle.

Straight Leg Mens Jeans

Most popular in regular sized jeans or for tall men, straight leg jeans are a happy medium between regular fit and skinny fit. They have room to move whilst maintaining a sharp shape and body outline.




How to wear your jeans – Basic Tips


Casual Relaxed Occasions


Taking some inspiration from part 2 of our basics fashion tips, mens t shirts,  you cannot go wrong with a pair mid blue stone washed jeans paired with a v-neck or crew neck t shirt in whites, greys, navy and blacks. Then if you are going out side and need something to cover up complete the relaxed look with you favourite hoody, jacket or knitwear.


Smart Casual Occasions


For a night out or a special occasion, try pairing some indigo or darker denim jeans with a white shirt or lightly coloured shirt in checks or stripes. Keep the jeans simple and add your best shoes or boots, my choice would be my dark brown swede boots.


Smarter Black Jeans


Use your black jeans as a base to show off a great shirt. Top fashion at the minute is double collar shirts, which added on top of black jeans will really make the shirt stand out on its own. Probably best to add a black belt and your best shoes or boots.


Always remember jeans are very much a personal item and it may take some time to get the right fit and style for you. Once you have the right fit and a few variations of colour your outfits will be very easy to put together as jeans are a perfect pairing item.



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