Deciding What To Wear To A Restaurant

For many big men, deciding what clothing to wear to a restaurant is a major challenge. Not only do they have to worry about the outfit, they also have to consider overheating, looking rumpled or feeling less than confident. All of us know from experience that the wrong ensemble can put a real damper on the night. The good news is that there is always the perfect combination for every venue. This means that every man, large or small, can look good, feel good and blend right in.

Confidence is always key to looking your best and thus, men should start the process of putting their outfits together by choosing items that make them feel good. It is important to avoid falling back on an old, familiar standby, like the same suit that you have worn to every wedding, graduation and funeral for the past five years. Feeling confident and feeling comfortable are two very different things. It may take a bit of courage to start mixing things up a bit, but a new look can have a marked impact on your self-esteem.

Wear Clothes that fit you well

One reason why confidence is so important is the fact that clothes actually fita lot better when men feelgood about themselves. People who are self-assured tend to draw their shoulders back and maintainproper posture. As a result, their shirts do not rumple, their suits hang in straight, clean lines and their abdomens look flatter. Your whole body will look much leaner and toned when your are not slumping over.

It is important to know what the environment will be like. Nothing is more embarrassing than showing up in your best formal wear, when everyone else is wearing jeans and sweatshirts. This is one of the manybenefits provided by the Internet. You can take a quick peek at the website for the restaurant that you willbe going to. A number of these sites have photo galleries, virtual tours and other visual tools that will giveyou a better idea of the type of ambiance to expect. When all else fails, ask your friends or any other people that will be in attendance. What might feel like an embarrassing question could turn out to be a verycommon concern.

Deciding what to wear on a night out is hard enough, going out for a meal is just one of those occasions when getting it right will relax your mood and let you unwind and enjoy good food and drink. Get it wrong and you will feel uncomfortable and body conscious. Check out this definitive guide to dressing for a restaurant.

Wear natural fabrics to stay cool

Big Men who tend to sweat a lot should always go for light, casual layers. Natural, breathable fabrics help to wick moisture away from the skin and when there is plenty of room between the body and the clothing, any perspiration can be picked up by these fabrics, long before sweat has a chance to make itself evident. Cotton or linen are the ideal. Synthetic fabric blends will trap heat and these do not have any natural wicking properties. This is how sweat stains and embarrassing wet marks develop.

Tank-style t-shirts in pure cotton should be worn beneath dress shirts. This is the ideal wicking strategy. Dress shirts should be well-tailored to the body. Attempting to wear over-sized clothes in order to hidefigure flaws, often makes men look a lot bigger than they actually are. For more casual affairs, men cankeep their tank-style t-shirts and replace their dress shirts with lightweight polo shirts. It is best to alwayscarry along a jacket unless you are dining during the hottest months of the summer. This give you an extralayer of warmth, should you need it and an easy way to cover up underarm wetness, should your antiperspirant fail and your natural clothing lack the ability to draw all of the resulting moisture in.

Pleated trousers are out, irrespective of the environment. These taper at the waist and bulge out at thefront, making the abdominal area look larger than it really is. They are not flattering to most males. For asemi-casual affair, men should support flat fronted trousers that feature a flat, smooth waist.Darker jeans also look good, especially when worn with white button-downs and blazers. Men can support their darker jeans with polo shirts and light coats to events that are guaranteed to be casual. These combinations are timeless and can make a man look flawlessly put together.

Keep things simple

When attempting to determine what to wear to a restaurant, one of the most important elements of your outfit will be your shoes. Unless you are driving over to a favorite fast food haunt, white tennis shoes arenever an acceptable addition. In fact, darker shoes tend to look better and these should not be capable of doubling as workout footwear. Men can find different options in loafers, boots and other semi casualoptions. Keeping everything simple from top to toe is a great way to create an outfit that you can feel bothcomfortable and confident in.

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