Big Man’s Big Feet measure size 21 shoe

Big Man’s Big Feet measure size 21 shoe

Americas tallest XL man, Igor Vovkovinskiy who measures seven feet, eight inches tall, took the big journey across America to meet with Reebok’s design team at their head quarters in Massachusetts for a rather unique shoe fitting.
Big Man Igor Vovkovinskiy at the age of seven wasalready six feet tall and weighed 14 stone. In 1989 Igorand his mother raised the money to travel to Americafrom Kiev for a series of life changing operations on hisfeet. Six years later and suffering sixteen operationsAmericas tallest man quotes himself as been a prisonerin his own home.
The big man goes on to say how his life is hindered by ill-fitting shoes. He says “Its hard enough finding big menclothing , but shoes…” Igor started life in the public eye when he was said to beObamas biggest supporter, pictured regularly with the pre-president and his wife. Fame has helped the big Minnesota giant’s plight to become known across the US with one of the largest sportswear manufactures coming to his aid.
Reebok invited the big man to their headquarters in Canton, where several techniciansundertook a complicated procedure that included a powerful three-dimension scanner, bio-foam imprints, custom pressure-mounting equipment and a tape measure.Ambrose Hayes , Reebok’s leading technician in the development of sports footwear explained “We have to
take into account several details to get a true perspective.””Physically the size is a problem but we also have to consider his medical conditions and howhis feet are going to change.”Taking the measurements was complicated by his unusually shaped feet left scared by yearsof ill-fitting shoes and intensive surgery. For years doctors put off life changing operationssaying it is cheaper to buy shoes that fit, than expensive operations. Igor then took his plightto medical insurance companies asking for help to subsidies proper fitting shoes for his size21 feet but again he was ignored.
This left Igor with no other options but to raise the large £10,000 required to pay for a custom pair of shoes. Launching an online plea he expecting it would take over twelve months toraise the money, but the big man quickly raised £20,000 after social-media sites and news reports fuelled interest from sponsors.Then a further stroke of luck, US trainer making giant Reebok made contact, with an offer to design and manufacture for free,having previously manufactured shoes for Mr Vovkovinskiy nineyears ago.”The enormous generosity that people have shown to me – I’veraised a lot of money, twice the amount that I’ve asked for when Istarted the plea  – and I’m hopeful the money will be enough tohave shoes made for the rest of my life,” the gentle giant said.The big brand sportswear manufacturer reported they were taken by the innocent request thatall he wanted was to go outside, walk his dog and enjoy life. Knowing they had what it takesto grant his wish Reebok embarked on a process costing in the region of £7,000 to £12,000and taking six weeks to create a prototypes. Which after fine-tuning will create Igor acomfortable well-fitting shoe.
On 18 May 2010 he was measured at 7’8.33″ (234.5 cm) and took the record for tallest man in theUS. is a retailer championing clothing for larger than average chaps. Their aim is to make big sizefashionable clothing available at a great price. You can visit their  online menswear shop here,alternatively,you can find out more about over on Google+.

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