Big Mens Fashion Basics – Part 4 – Mens Classic Shirts



Classic shirts are a smarter alternative to t-shirts, and can create the perfect summer look for a big guy with style. If you’re wondering how to look smart and keep cool this summer, this post is for you.


Smart xxxl shirts for a casual look

Keep your work shirts for work.  Take the Rael Brook long sleeved shirt for instance, which is perfect big mans clothes for the office.  Why not buy  another  for casual use?  Imagine how great this would look with rollups on a summer’s day. Alternatively, use it as an overcoat on days when the weather can’t make up its mind.

A good shirt is an investment that can be worn all year round.  Wear it in summer to keep cool, and in winter as an under layer.  You really can’t go wrong with anything in a standard colour, such as blue, white or black.


Plan your outfit

To get the most out of your new look, your entire outfit has to be thought out carefully.  It has to say something about you as a guy.  Something that will make you stand out from the crowd.  The trick is, not to wear a smart shirt with formal trousers.  Try investing in a pair of cargo pants or smart jeans.  A white shirt goes really well with black denim.

If you’re going for a whole new look, it’s always best to start off with the shoes.  Your choice of colour will impact your trousers, which will in turn determine your choice of shirt.   Give special consideration to your trousers.  Too formal and you will look a bit geeky.  Sporty trousers with a smart xxxl shirt should be avoided.


Be choosy about material

Keep an eye on the material too.  Being a big man, you might find yourself with a following of flies in summer if you wear synthetics.  Stick to cotton or linen and you can’t go wrong.  This Peter Gribby mid blue linen shirt is ideal for summer.  Short sleeved shirts like this can look just as classy as roll ups if worn as part of an outfit.


Make a statement

There are many alternatives to the t-shirt for keeping cool and looking stylish in summer.  Smart xxxl shirts worn with the right trousers and rolled up sleeves make a statement.   This look will tell the world that you have class.  That you’re not just one of the crowd that’s happy to slob around in scruffy trainers, jeans and t-shirt.  And if you feel a class apart, it will show in your demeanour.  Then who knows what might happen.

Pick complimenting trousers and shoes to complete the look.  Why not finish off with  the Carabou brown trouser belt ,or the Duke black trouser belt if you went for black shoes?


Got anything to add?  Why not share it in the comments?


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