Essential winter big mens clothing


Do your outsize clothes need recycling?  Are you on the lookout for some basic essentials to get you through the winter? Then keep reading, because this post has the lowdown on winter clothes for big men.


Essential winter big mens clothing

With the English weather being so unpredictable,  looking the part in Autumn or winter can pose a dilemma if you’re a big man.  Clothes for the outdoors can be a problem.  Wrap up too warm and you’ll be roasting when the sun comes out.  Dress too sparsely and you’ll freeze.



Let’s start from the bottom up.  Socks are often the first thing to ware , so make sure you don’t overlook them.  They must allow your feet to breathe, be comfortable and look stylish—who knows who’ll see them.  The Duke three pack of Argyle socks is the ideal choice of large mens clothing, and they’re only £6.99.  Why not buy a few packs?  You could recycle your  entire sock drawer, or double up when it’s really cold.


Cord trousers

Cords represent a stylish alternative to jeans.  They will keep you warm, whilst allowing your legs to breath.  And worn correctly, they look really stylish.  Carabou do a great line of corduroy trousers.  Coming in navy moss or sand, they’re the perfect winter trousers for big men. Could you be any more eye catching  in your big mens clothes whilst walking down a long country lane?



Large mens shirts need a great deal of thought.  Do you go for something cool and risk being cold when you’re still, or buy something thicker and be roasting when the sun comes out?  XLMe have the perfect solution.  The Cotton Valley long sleeve checked shirt is ideal for wearing under a jumper or jacket, and will keep you cool when the missus turns the heating up.

On colder days, when it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket outside, the long sleeve checked shirt with hood is perfect.  It looks stylish, and will keep your neck warm without roasting you.  They’re currently on offer at £22.99 so make sure you get yours now.


Jumpers and hoodies

To be honest, it would probably be best to buy a variety of these.  For really cold days, or for when the winter sun comes out, why not give the Rockford heavy weight zip through hooded sweatshirt a try?  It’s 100% cotton, looks stylish and will keep you warm even when the heating breaks down.

If you’re after something a bit more sporty, you could try the Kam Boston Trials full zip jacket.  Just like most large mens  clothing  at XLme, it’s made of 100% cotton.  It will also keep you warm without sautéing your torso.  Perfect for wearing outside in the winter sun, or inside when the heating’s on low.

If a good old fashioned jumper’s your thing, have a look at the Cotton Valley black Argyle pullover.  It can be worn inside when you have visitors or outside under a jacket.  It’s even smart enough for the office.  And what’s more, it’s the perfect companion for your Argyl socks.



In England, where it rains pretty much all year round, you need your jacket to be waterproof.  XLMe do a wide range of 4xl jackets, 5xl jackets and bigger.  The Kam soft shell waterproof jacket with detachable arms will keep you warm and dry when it’s cold.  And  when the sun comes out, why not detach the  arms to keep cool?


Your winter wardrobe needs a lot of thought.  Large mens clothes can either roast you or freeze you, so you need gear that caters for all occasions.  A big man clothing shop, such as XLMe is the place to go for all your outsize clothing and winter essentials.



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