Five big mens clothing tips for middle aged men

The time comes in every man’s life for him to cast aside his youthful attire and start to dress more conservatively.  However, this needn’t mean dressing like an old man or losing all sense of style.  Everyone needs to keep a sense of identity, even if you are large.

Mens clothing at XLMe is available in many styles and for all ages.  If you’re wondering how to dress for middle age, whilst still retaining your sense of fashion, then read on.


Timeless clothing

When it comes to big mens shirts, you want something stylish that’s going to last.  You  want people to see you have a touch of class.  The Split Star fashion shirt with cut away collar ticks all the boxes.  It’s comfortable, fashionable, and being 100% cotton, is easy to wash.  This shirt is only £27.99, but looks like something you’d find in top end high street designer stores.


Mens trousers that say it all

The worst thing a middle aged big guy can do is wear trousers with a protruding belly hanging over his belt line.  Jogging bottoms  should be avoided.  Unless of course, you are using them for jogging.  Likewise, formal trousers can be too stiff for everyday use. The Carabou active waist chinos are ideal.  They’re smart, informal and made of 100% cotton to ensure their comfort.  At 23.99 they’re great value everyday wearable trousers.


Big size jeans

big size jeans can be worn, providing you choose carefully.  Just make sure you select the style according to their intended use.  Basic comfort fit jeans are perfect for relaxing in.  Maybe you shouldn’t wear them for a social event though.

Fortunately XLMe offer jeans that are both comfortable and fashionable.  The Kam Indigo fashion jeans are the ideal choice to complete an ontrend classy look no matter what your age.


Clothes to slip over your shirt

Selecting the right look for the right occasion is just as important when it comes to big jumpers.  After all, you’ve been around a bit so you know which clothing to wear when.  Planning on going for a walk in the country?  Why not wear the D555 cable crew neck jumper under an open jacket?  It’s the perfect way to show off your style and feel comfortable at the same time.


Clothing for outdoor trips small and large

Your clothing must be comfortable and classy at your current age, especially if you’re a big man.  Clothes should be an investment that will last for more than one season.  An essential part of your new look is the jacket.  XLMe offer a wide range of jackets to choose from.

When middle age arrives, grab it by the horns and tailor your image to suit your mood. You will know when it happens becasue you will stop wanting to dress like a teenager, and start showing off your knowledge of what to wear when. The best lesson we can all learn is when and where to wear what. As it happens XLMe is full of great ideas for any age group and our dedicated blog posts will help guide you through what to wear and when.



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