What Should Men Wear to the Movies

What should men wear to the movies?


If you a planning a trip to the movies then you need to something comfortable to wear, after all you aregoing to be sitting for three whole hours. We have rounded up some top tips to help get the right causal style whilst staying cool and comfortable.

Jeans or no jeans that is the question


On the other hand if you know jeans are not for sitting in, then alternatives such as chino’s or cargo
trousers may be a better idea. Cargo trousers in particular if matched correctly with a good top will offer agreat casual style, whereas chinos will dress the outfit up to that next level. The final alternative is joggingbottoms, although my least favorite for outings, joggers are very comfortable. They need to be good fittingand new looking, preferably ones with lines or motifs which break up the drab shape they silhouette.

Casual or a little smarter?



 Moving towards the top half, you need to consider who you are going to be with. In other words are yougoing with a group of friends, in which case you want to be informal and not look like you have spent aweek preparing. On the other hand if you are going with someone special or as part of a night out then youneed to be a bit cleaner cut.
Crew neck t shirts are an obvious choice; depending on your personal style you will have many different patterns and designs. Just a few things to add here, try not to add black tops with black bottoms, it will drain the colour from your face and make you sweat. Use colour to break up the body’s silhouette. In particular for big guys, use colour to determine where your body stops and your legs start. Also tryswapping the crew neck for a shallow V-neck, this will add a neckline and frame the chin giving an overallsharper smarter look.
In contrast you may prefer a collar. Polo shirts are an obvious choice and there are some great understateddesigns around with details around the collar and cuffs. If you like to be on tend then plums and purples area season must have. Taking the collar to a dressier level try a casual shirt, leave it tucked out for comfort or try layering the shirt over a plain t shirt and have it unbuttoned. A collar is always going to look smarter andif you do want to go out after the cinema you can always tuck it in your jeans.
Trainers or Shoes?
To finish do you wear trainers or shoes? This can only be answered by you, depending on the occasion.Clean crisp trainers finish the casual look with a trip out with friends but shoes always add a touch of classand dress an outfit well. Then again try fashion boots, they will make your trouser or jean hems fall nicelyand they are not to dressy, after all it is the cinema.Remember, keep it simple and try to choose materials that do not sweat and make you over heat. Chooseitems that fit you well and do not hug you too tight and finally watch clothing that creases easily; you do notwant to look like you need an iron when you walk out.

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