Specific Big Man Style Tips

Gained a few pounds? Wear it right and nobody will ever know… in fact, you could even look all the better for it. The best way to dress to suit it depends on where exactly you’ve gained the weight, and the shape of your body. Let’s take a look at some basic advice for how you can rock the right clothing!

Body Types

The two main problem areas are most likely to be your hips (think about the view from behind!) or your stomach. Let’s cover them both in a little bit of detail:

Big Hips

In this scenario, you want to aim for solid colours on your bottom half; ideally dark colours, as these draw the least attention. Then, complement this with patterned tops.The texture will add much more balance to your body shape, and draw attention to your top half! The end result of this is that you’ll give a much more proportioned impression, which is always a good thing.

Big Stomachs

Surprisingly enough, the same applies here, but the opposite way around! Dark tops are great, and light bottoms such as chinos, or patterned trousers, draw the attention to all the right places. This will balance out your appearance, giving a very even impression of you.

Focal Style Points

There are a couple of general tips which can really help big men to look great, regardless of body shape.

What clothes to focus on

For the best effect, you should be focussing on the following items of clothing:

  • Light polos
  • Cardigans (especially dark ones over lighter shirts!)
  • Dark sweaters
  • Pleated pants
  • Well-fitted suits (see below)
  • Jackets
  • Vests
  • Dark jeans
  • Button-ups

Tips for suits


Big man suits

SIDE VENTS! This cannot be emphasised enough. A moderate suit with side vents will look far better on you than an expensive suit without. If you don’t know the distinction between the two, google vented and unvented suits to get a good idea of it. The vents give you a far more streamlined appearance from behind!

Pleated pants: always aim for these over flat fronts. The comfort will make it worth it alone, with the extra room around the thighs; however, the real benefit is the proportion it lends to your body.

Finally, it is ALWAYS worth getting a suit tailored. It will suit your shape perfectly, and does not need to be too expensive!


If you need any help with fitting for these clothes, check out our Size Guide or Fitting Guide!

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