Don’t Overuse Your Best Outfits!

If you wear your absolute best outfits all the time, they will come to be expected. So, a very simple trick to allow you to turn heads when you need to: save your best clothes! 

Your real killer outfits will have the best effect if you use them sparingly. Now, obviously this doesn’t excuse dressing badly the rest of the time… just keep it basic! Usually, it is good to stick to casual clothing such as well-fitted jeans and a nice tee or polo on top. This way, you’ll make that much more of an impression when you crack out the shirt!

Jean fitting examples:


Dress to Make an Impression

Think about it this way. If you wear your best shirt at every possible occasion, it will lose all of its appeal, and people you see regularly will just become used to it. However, if you save your best clothes for the best occasions, you’ll always make an impression.

Another approach to this is to think who you’ll be around. If you are going to be just with close friends, you can dress casual. For heading out and about or meeting larger groups, then dress to impress! You’ll be noticed the most when you step out of your usual comfort zone, and this applies just as much in fashion as in everything else.

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