7 Simple fashion tips for larger men

If you’re a larger man who is looking to simple ways to add a little style to your everyday outfits, continue reading to discover seven simple fashion tips, which have been designed with larger men in mind.

1. Avoid the temptation of purchasing oversized clothes

Unfortunately, many larger men make the mistake of opting for loose, baggy trousers and shirts as they mistakenly believe that wearing oversized clothes will make them appear thinner. When in reality, they end up looking sloppy and in some cases even larger than they are. Remember, the easiest way to appear thinner is to opt for clothes such as big size trousers, which fit you well and aren’t too tight or too large.

2. Avoid slim fit shirts

Whilst slim fit shirts may be increasing in popularity, if you’re a larger man you may have trouble buttoning up a slim fit shirt in your usual size. Instead stick with shirts in a traditional cut.

3. Opt for button down shirts and v neck t-shirts

If you’re a larger man, traditional t-shirts with high, round neck lines, won’t be as flattering a choice as button down shirts and v neck shirts.

4. Don’t be afraid to inject a little color into your outfits

Contrary to popular belief, wearing head to toe black won’t make you look slimmer. So don’t be afraid to inject a little color into your everyday outfits. As an example, if you’re attending a casual event you may want to consider pairing a well tailored pair of cream trousers with a pastel colored shirt and a pair of tan, leather brogues.

5. Invest in high quality items

The key to building a functional, stylish wardrobe is to invest in high quality staple items such as jeans, blazers and shirts. Whilst you may squirm at the idea of spend hundreds of pounds on new clothes, high quality items should last for several years and are the simplest way to add a bit of polish to your everyday outfits.

6. Experiment with layering

If you feel a little uncomfortable about the way your mid section looks in a t-shirt, you may want to try layering a crisp shirt over a neutral t-shirt. Alternatively, if you’re looking to put together a stylish outfit to attend a smart casual event, you may want to consider pairing tailored jeans with a smart shirt and a casual navy blazer.

7. Opt for larger accessories

Don’t make the mistake of choosing accessories which have been designed for regular sized men, as if you wear a skinny tie, a skinny belt or a regular sized watch, you’ll just end up looking larger than you are. As your accessories will look like they are child sized. Instead purchase your accessories from brands which specialize in fashion for larger men.

So, if you thought it was too difficult to put together stylish outfits as a larger man, think again. Simply refer back to this handy article, any time you need a little style inspiration and you’ll be sure to start turning heads wherever you go!

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