Dress To Impress

When most people think about fashion, their mind automatically pictures a god like chiseled body. However, the reality is that many people are a bit wide around the midsection. They do not live in fashion magazines but in the real world. At times, despite the best of effort, adding on a few pounds is something one cannot help. In most instances, when people see a large man, they immediately start labeling them negatively. One of the most common is that they are just sloppy. Dressing poorly only helps to amplify this negative connotation. Consequently, one owes it to themselves, to at least look sharp. This is because having a large body tends to attract attention and make one stand out.

One of the best ideas for a large man is to keep it simple. This helps in keeping an individual form sticking out. A slim man who wears, flashy patterns on is easily forgettable. However, a large man only sticks out more, in an awkward way. One should try to keep the fabric print as simple as possible.

Going big on accessories is a great idea for big men. For instance, having a tiny pen will only make you look disproportionately larger. A tiny watch on a huge arm does not help either. The best is to look for a watch or a ring that is slightly larger than normal. This serves to reduce the disproportionate appearance that a large man sometimes has. Another way for a large man to appear slimmer is to wear vertically patterned clothes. They take the attention away from the girth and give the appearance that one is slimmer. One should make sure to avoid horizontally patterned fabric. This only serves to make one appear even larger than they really are.

In order to make the face look proportionate, one should go for a wide angled collar. This helps make the face look narrower. In addition, the necktie should have a large knot and be wide. Wearing a thin tie with a tiny knot makes the man look ridiculous and disorganized.Layering is another great way to take attention away from the midsection. One should wear a dark t-shirt with a straight hemmed shirt on top. The shirt should fit on the shoulder smartly without drooping over. This helps to take attention away from the midsection and to the upper body. The upper body is usually slimmer and will greatly assist help improves one’s appearance.

Another great way to look great is to weary fitting clothes. One should overly tight or loose clothes. This make the person look awkward and thus stand out in an awkward way. It is always great to throw some great fitting jeans to look one look casual. Whenever possible, one should seek to wear branded clothes. Cheap clothes only serve to enhance the stereotype people already have about large men. One should ensure they go for good quality clothes that make them stand out for the right reasons.


One should always keep in mind that being large is not an excuse for throwing on anything just because it fits. Taking a bit of effort to find the right clothes can help improves one image. In addition, confidence is key to anyone who desires to look great and have others think of them that way.

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