Tips for finding the right jeans

As a bigger man, it’s probable that you struggle to find the most common of clothing item. Jeans is what many of us wear on a daily basis but being bigger can put many barriers up in regards to finding jeans that look good on you. It can be easy to throw an oversized pair of sweatpants on to try and hide yourself away but you shouldn’t have to give up on fashion just because of your size. The following tips and tricks should help you in shopping for big size jeans.

Wear the right size

You might be tempted to squeeze yourself into jeans that do not fit you, whether thats because you can’t find your actual size or to save some cash. Please don’t do this, as wearing the wrong size jeans has many implications! Not only will it make your body look bigger (spilling over your clothes isn’t a good look) you could also be damaging your health! You also shouldn’t be wearing big size jeans that drown you, it’s important to find the right balance. You might have to get measured to find out your actual size and if that means spending some cash in an upper market place, it’s definitely worth it.

Look online

There are very few places in malls.etc. that actually cater to bigger guys. Whereas if you take your search online, you can find thousands of stores dedicated for guys with a little more meat. Now that you know your size, you can buy clothes online and you will have a lot more variety to choose from. Do a little research and you should soon find websites that are worth checking out.

Know your body type

Are you tall, short, broad, podgy? We all have different body types and whatever your type is, depends on what clothes will suit you. Dark colors look great on taller guys for example, whereas if you are shorter – you can experiment more to see what elongates your body. Good quality clothing is really important, it generally fits a lot better than cheaper items, which in turn can actually make you look smaller/more put together. Remember that jeans can be dressed up or down, they are suited to so many different occasions which is why it’s important to have a couple of high quality pairs.


Just because you are big doesn’t mean you cannot embrace the latest fashion and see what’s out there. Developing an interesting and varied wardrobe will actually make you more confident and it can help people respond to you in a better way. In terms of prints, stay away from horizontal stripes as these can make you look bigger. Apart from that, just try things on and see what works for you. Confidence is everything, so just wear your jeans (and the rest of your clothes) with convintion and you won’t go far wrong.

By following the mentioned tips to finding good jeans, you are well on your way to becoming a fashion guru. Bigger guys can look amazing in the right outfits, so get out there and see what you can throw together.

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