Tips For Looking Phenomenal In Big Size Menswear

You don’t have to distort or alter your physique in order to look good in your clothes. Big size menswear is malleable, versatile and capable of creating a sophisticated, fashionable look without the need for male body-shapers or other uncomfortable garments. Following are several, simple tips that will help you look and feel incredible in your clothes.

Think Of Loose-Fitting As Ill-Fitting

Big guys often go for the largest possible sizes they can find in an effort to conceal their trouble zones. Surprisingly, however, this actually accentuates unwanted bumps and bulges and can make guys look sloppy. Loose and sagging clothing is also far more likely to wrinkle, creating an unkempt effect that makes it look like you haven’t tried at all. Rather than picking slacks, shirts, jackets and sweaters that drape your body, focus on getting a proper fit. If you’re buying suits off the rack, pay a little extra to have these taken in as needed. There is a distinct difference between clothes that are fitted and clothes that are too tight. Your tailor will know this difference and can streamline your garments to suit your physique. A fitted look will highlight broad shoulders, long legs and a strong chest. You’ll also find that this change makes you feel infinitely more masculine and confident.

Avoid Black On Black Ensembles

While black is slimming, this is a strategy that should always be used in moderation. Wear black in the areas that you most want to conceal and then complement this with a light, basic hue and pops of color in your accessories. Think black trousers, light blue shirt, yellow and blue tie and coordinating cuff links. The trousers will slim the lower torso while the colorful, complementary tie will draw attention up to your eyes and face. Too much black will not only give you a washed out look, but it can also make you hot. Stay cool and keep your look light and filled with subtle layers of color so that the emphasis is on showcasing your attributes rather than hiding behind a veritable cloak of darkness.

Add Proportion To Your Face With A Spread Collar

Start investing in spread colors, especially if you have a very broad or round face. This will balance out the proportions in this area and give you ample room to tie a big knot with your tie. Big guys should always ignore little knots in favor of chunkier and more appealing options like the Windsor knot.

Choose Simplicity

Big, broad-shouldered guys tend to have an imposing presence, even if they don’t mean to. Brightly colored shirts and trousers and lots of prints and patterns will only make them more imposing. Stick to basic, simple colors that you can complement with small pops of brighter hues and keep patterns and prints to a minimum. Also, avoid cloaking yourself in thick, heavy options. These won’t conceal any extra bulk and can end up making you appear larger than you really are. Moreover, much like black on black ensembles, thick and heavy clothing can make you hot, sweaty and all-around uncomfortable. Strive for lightweight, simple outfits that make you feel good and are easy to move around in. Feeling comfortable will invariably make you feel more confident and confidence is one of the best accessories that you can put on.

Add Some Flash With A Well-Made Hat

Second only to confidence, a well-made hat is an accessory that can turn even a drab outfit into a fabulous one. Hats are highly underrated accessories for large men. They show that effort and thought were put into an ensemble and they add a dash of class and sophistication. Look for well-made, versatile hats that will look just as good with dress slacks as they will with a button-down collar shirt and a new pair of jeans.

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