Large Mens Clothing to reduce your fuel bills

So, you’re sat at home freezing your big and talls off, too stubborn to switch the heating on. The easiest thing to do is to go outside for a brisk walk. When it comes to winter walks, you’ll probably fall into one of two categories. Either you wrap up warm in your big mens clothes, and take your time to chink around, or you dress sparsely whilst walking quickly. If you’ve begun an exercise regime, you’ll probably fall into the latter category, particularly if you’re big. Mens clothing for the winter indoors needs to be selected accordingly.

Ok, so go outside and walk quickly around the block a few times. Try going up a hill. Not only will this help with your new lifestyle, but it has the added bonus of increasing your body temperature. You’ll get especially hot if you’re wearing a large mens shirt under your jacket. Problem is, when your temperature plummets, (and it will after a few hours) you’ll need something warm to hand. Any personal trainer will tell you this.

And if you haven’t kickstarted your new lifestyle yet, don’t worry. Wrap up warm indoors, and you’ll help prevent your fuel bill getting big. Mens clothes from XLme will do the job, especially if worn in layers.


Big mens clothes, small mens fuel bill


Starting from the bare skin up, Invicta do a really good t-shirt and shorts set. And if you buy a few of these they could double up as gym gear. Being 100% cotton, they’re very comfortable and easy to wash. Alternatively, go for the plain crew neck t-shirt. You don’t get the shorts with these, but they’re just as comfortable for wearing under your clothes. They’re also that tiny bit cheaper.

Moving on, over your t-shirt you need more warm togs. The cotton valley slip over is ideal for this. It’s light weight, 100% cotton, stylish and at £23.99, represents great value for money.

Time for the big guns. This is essential, whether you’re exercising or not. If you’re the kind of person that likes the window open constantly, or if someone else in your house is, then you’re neck’s going to freeze. The Rockford heavy weight zip through hooded sweatshirt is perfect for keeping your body and neck warm.


Thermal long Johns – uncool big & tall clothing?


On days when you’re relaxing or if you’re sat at a computer, your legs are going to get cold. XLme have a wide range of 5xl clothing, including warm trousers for big men. Alternatively, why not try some thermal long Johns? Admittedly, they’re not the most fashionable garment in the world, but who cares? No one will see them and the only red fire bars will be those under your trousers.

Still cold? You could try substituting a cotton t-shirt for a thermal one. They’re light weight, comfortable and won’t restrict your movements at all. Pretty soon, the only evidence of its existence will be the electric blanket over your chest. Worth the investment if you’re a really cold big man.

Clothes can reduce your fuel bills and keep you warm if worn in layers. They’re also an investment that will do the job just as well as the central heating.

If your lifestyle is sedentary, you’ll need all the above big mens clothing to make your day bearable without the heating. Moving around is naturally warming, but you’ll still need some warm outsize clothing to hand for when your temperature drops. You can get all your fashionable large mens clothes from XLme. Got something to say? Why not share it in the comments.



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