I was wondering if people have the same problem when buying shirts.
When I am buying shirts, I have the problem that I can't button the top buttonhole because it just can't fit around my neck. It fits nicely around my shoulders and the rest of my body..
If I go a size bigger it is fine around my neck but the shirt is then to big for the rest of my body chest downward. Does anyone has the same experience? I am not a oversized guy but because of my sporting activities I got build this way. see thread at http://www.styleforum.net/t/252365/shirts-and-thick-neck


First time poster here, little bit of advice needed!

I'm quite new to wearing formal wear and have recently updated my wardrobe considerably due to a new job where I have to be suited and booted every day. Bought myself a couple of suits, shirts, ties as well as  two pairs of smart shoes. The dress code where I work is very formal and many of the other guys are very sharply dressed – personally I'm loving the style and appreciate being able to dress well, particularly considering the scruffiness of my last office – which was unprofessional and a bit depressing, to be honest.

The look sported by some of the other younger guys here is the very clean cut, sharp suited look. Eg, David Beckham, lighting the Olympic torch: http://alist-fashion.com/2012/05/20/david-beckham-contrast-collar-tie-pin-olympic-sharp/

 I'm trying to go for this look too, and I have bought myself a load of dress shirts from TM Lewin. Slim fit, with semi-stiff cutaway collars . I have always believed myself to have a 16in neck size, but when I went in to the store the assistant measured me and said that if I wanted to look smart I should really wear a 15.5in.

Indeed, when I did try a 16 inch shirt, the rest of it was baggy and there was a gap between the collar and neck that looked  sloppy, so I took the assistant's advice and went for 15.5 – which fits perfectly and looks much smarter when worn with a tie. He noted it was a bit snugger round the neck that what I had been used to but that I'd get used to it and that 15.5 rather than 16 was definitely a proper fit.

However when I've got my tie done up properly and the top button fastened, it's not that comfortable. I usually last until about lunchtime until I undo my top button and loosen my tie to get some relief – but this looks sloppy and unprofessional!

I thought about going back to 16in but it just doesn't look as good with the baggy shirtfront and gap between the collar and the neck. Not wearing a tie is not an option, everyone else does. The other guys in the office with this look manage a snug collar and tie all day long – is there a knack to this that I'm not getting or is it just a question of manning up and accepting that if you want to be sharp and well turned out a bit of comfort needs to be sacrificed?

For info, I'm not that used to formal clothing and wearing suits every day - I've never had to for any job before and went to a casually dressed school. So perhaps it's just something to get used to? read thefull thread at http://www.styleforum.net/t/304696/dress-shirt-collars-how-snug-should-they-be


Advice for Man who Looks Bad in Collared Shirts

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I'm a man who always looks bad in collared shirts. Anything with a collar makes me look ridiculous.

I've thought about this and the reason seems to be that I have a "baby face" i.e. I have baby fat on my cheeks. In contrast, men who look good in standard collared shirts tend to have a masculine, more handsome face, with more defined cheekbones and flatter, chiseled features.

I look OK in sweaters and have been wearing them, but I'm just wondering if this is a known issue - I haven't been able to google it.

One other thing about the collar is that it makes me look even shorter than I already am (5'8). read thread at http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?122760-Advice-for-Man-who-Looks-Bad-in-Collared-Shirts




I am in need of a professional wardrobe, and will need to wear dress shirts every day. I would prefer to buy good quality shirts that will last, but don't really know what to look for. Any pointers would be welcomed. Thanks. read more http://www.styleforum.net/t/238028/what-makes-a-good-dress-shirt-good


What is the "best" dress shirt material? It seems like so many dress shirts are 100% cotton. But I've also found other material combinations like
55 cotton/45 polyester
97 cotton/ 3 spandex

So really, what's the difference between them all? Is 100% cotton the best material for a dress shirt? Because I usually find them being a little tight when I try to move raise my arms. http://www.styleforum.net/t/21989/dress-shirt-material

Where can I buy well fitted shirts?

I usually wear a size "Medium", but lately I've noticed that every medium shirt I find is ill-fitted in the shoulders/chest/upper-back (to the point that the shoulder "seam" is up over my shoulders) while being loose and flappy/breezy in the mid-section. My shoulder girth at this point honestly fits better in a large purchased from most big brand name stores, but then it's like wearing a sack over the rest of me. I found this to be a problem with sweaters and the like as well, but I got a a few good ones (sweaters etc) as Xmas presents from brands like north face, timberland, etc that were broader in the shoulders and more narrow in the waist (ie cut like a man should be built).

I don't want muscle shirts with short sleeves or stretchy **** that's skin tight. I just want a T-shirt that has a slightly broader shoulder/chest and a slightly more narrow waist.

Anyone have any suggestions? read the results http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=130361463



Greetings -- I've seen quite a bit of useful info here, and thought I'd see if anyone at SF had any suggestions for my situation.

Here is my problem:

I need to wear a coat and tie most days for my work. My problem is that I have a huge neck, vastly complicating the process of finding a shirt that works. I'm not a small guy, heck, I admit I'm fat, but the neck is truly disproportionate:

19.5" neck
46 chest
40 waist

Note that a regular 19.5" shirt has something like a 56"+ waist -- "tent" is the appropriate word for how it fits me.

It actually gets even worse when I've been at lower weights -- some years ago I had a 34 inch waist but still had an 18" neck at that size (i.e., shirts still were giant tents). Shoulders are pretty broad too (but not proportionate to the neck).

So, I need a shirt in a 19.5" neck, BUT, which is basically a "super-slim fit" shape. I haven't had any luck finding such an animal, and not even much luck going custom.

A Brooks Bros. 17.5" slim-fit shirt fits my body reasonably well, but of course I can't come close to buttoning the collar. I like their shirts, but, they don't make above 18.0" and a special order "Select" Brooks 19.5 slim fit would still be quite large in the waist.

After one or two iterations, I have a Lands End Custom profile that fits reasonably well, but I'm not impressed with their workmanship or their fabrics, and their selection of fabrics has shrunk to almost nothing (I wonder if they are getting set to ax the program).

Nordstrom sometimes has 19.5 in their "tailored fit" but not in many options and their fit is still pretty large on me, and relative to Brooks it's looser in the stomach and tighter in the chest/shoulders, opposite of what I need.

There's alterations, but I've had so-so results having shirts taken in that drastically.

If I only needed a dress shirt for special occaisions, I could spend $300 each for a couple of shirts. But, I have to wear a tie every day, and can't afford a whole wardrobe of $300 shirts. $100 is more like it, and even that would be pushing it for a full closet of shirts.

If anyone has any brilliant suggestions of other brands I should try, or custom-make programs I should look into, I could really use the help.

Thanks. read more here http://www.styleforum.net/t/125465/dress-shirts-for-guy-with-huge-neck

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