Mens Golf Clothing

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big mens golf clothing range at xlme
Half the battle to the perfect game is dressing well! Lol, we can improve your golf attire but we definitely cannot improve that swing of yours!
Get ready to tee off, dressed to impress with this impressive range of golf clothing at Xlme. With our range of golf clothes there has never been a better time to stock up on those golfing essentials and what’s more you will find our prices satisfying as well, the only thing you have to worry about is your putting!

Golf Clothing Store
If you are looking for golf clothing in bigger sizes 2xl 3xl 4xl 5xl 6xl 7xl and upto 8xl then this is the place to be. We have a range of clothing in your size to suit you from top big man manufactures such as Duke, kam, Cotton Valley, Espionage and more, you can also add those finishing touches with from our range of belts and socks.

Golf Shirts, Golf Sweaters
Free movement is key to gettingthe best swing, so having a golf top that fits you well and does not rid up or cut your movement off is key. With sizes from 2xl to 8xl in all our golfing shirts and sweatshirts you can get the write fit for you.
We always recommend natural fibres such as cotton or wool as they are breathable and help you stay at a good temperature, but manmade fibres such as polyester has its benefits as it is more hard wearing and more durable.

Golf Trousers

A great pair of golf trousers is defined by a comfortable fit and plenty of pockets for all your bits and pieces. Fit is again very important as you do not want tight poor fitting golf trousers when you are walking all day. Polyester trousers are great for the golf course as they tend to be less water absorbent than the cotton counter parts and just as comfortable. We highly recommend the expand a band range which give superb comfort on the waist band with the secret elastic strip.

Golf Base Layers
For those cooler days we have a selection of thermal 
underwear by Jockey International. Designed to keep the warmth in they also have a layer to whittle 
away moisture and take it away from the skin, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Golf Waterproofs
Keeping the weather out and feeling comfortable is not an easy task, here at Xlme we have a superb range of golf jackets and waterproofs in sizes 2xl to 8xl. Our breathable waterproof range of jackets and trousers are great for slipping on and off with the waterproof trousers having zipped legs and our jackets having tapped seams and elasticated cuffs.
You can always look your best with our selection of golfing clothing, all you need now is a bright day and plenty of practice on that swing, enjoy.